Murderer tries to Transport Dead Body in Cab Claiming it to be of a Pig, Arrested in Guwahati

Guwahati: A man allegedly involved in the murder of his friend and involved in disposing of the body using a private cab, was arrested by Guwahati police on Thursday night. The arrested man had claimed that it was the body of a dead pig packed in a gunny bag.

But the suspicious cab driver preferred to inform the police regarding his suspicion. According to Guwahati police sources, he had committed the murder on Thursday morning. He had booked the cab ‘offline’ to dispose of the body. The accused, identified as Hitesh Das asked the cab driver to take him to Kamalpur, where he disposed of the sack allegedly containing the body deep into the forest.

Although the murderer claimed that the sack contained a dead pig, the driver became suspicious he saw blood. He informed the police about it and later police tracked down the accused.

The accused and the victim, who knew each other over the last 12 years, had a scuffle over a monetary issue, police sources said.



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