No DJ, No Brass Bands during Nikah: Muslim Mahasabha



Ghaziabad: Muslim families in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh are being persuaded to stop playing DJ and brass bands during weddings. The Muslim Maha Sabha of Ghaziabad has clerics not abstain from performing ‘nikah’ or weddings if DJ music or “brass bands” are played at the function.

The organisation has issued a statement calling for cooperation of clerics to convince the communities regarding this. The statement also added that they will continue to oppose overspending of money on wedding functions.

A written guarantee should also be taken from the families that they will not encourage the “DJ culture” in the future, the statement said.

A few days ago the Muslim clerics in Dhanbad of Jharkhand had issued a fatwa banning “un-Islamic practices” such as dance, playing of loud music, and the display of fireworks during weddings.

As per these Muslim religious leaders, such practices like music and dance are not permitted in Islam.


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