PM Modi Inaugurates Year-long Celebration Commemorating 200th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that during the course of Amrit Kaal, the nation has the same priorities that Maharishi Dayanand envisioned. Mr Modi said this while inaugurating the year-long celebrations commemorating the 200th birth anniversary of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati in Delhi.

Addressing the gathering, Mr Modi said uplifting the poor and marginalised has become the top priority. He pointed out that the daughters of the country are also flying Rafale fighter planes today.

Mr Modi said the Maharishi foresaw global warming and climate change when they were not fashionable terms, with the help of his vast Vedic knowledge.

He highlighted that today when the world is talking about sustainable development, the path shown by Maharishi offers the ancient philosophy of India to the world and presents the way to the solution. He said India has given a new name to millets, and a global identity – by addressing millets as Sri Anna.

The Prime Minister said Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati revived the understanding of Vedas in social life and gave direction to society. He stressed that the 200th birth anniversary of Maharishi is an inspiration for all, as India celebrates the Amrit Kaal.

Mr Modi mentioned that when Maharishi Dayanand was born, the country had lost its confidence and weakened due to centuries of bondage. He pointed out that Maharishi launched a strong campaign against social discrimination, untouchability and many such distortions.

Maharishi Dayanand also became a voice for India’s Mahila Shakti, starting many initiatives for women’s education, added the Prime Minister. He said Maharishi Dayanand’s efforts to fight inequality have become the Sanjeevani for society.

The Prime Minister stated that the country has scaled new heights in both heritage and development. He said that time and again, Indian saints have made huge contributions in various fields like literature, yoga, philosophy, politics, science and mathematics.

Mr Modi added that the Maharishi took a holistic, inclusive and integrated approach towards every aspect of the nation and society. Swami Dayanand has played a great role in reviving the ancient traditions, he further added.

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