Russian Ambassador Slams Cong MP Manish Tewari, Claims Cremation of Russians in Odisha as per his Country’s Customs

New Delhi: Russian Ambassador to India, Denis Alipov through a tweet put an end to the controversy over the cremation of two Russian tourists in Odisha. The Russian envoy said their cremation was done as per Russian customs.

“It would be useful for some Hercule Poirot lovers (a fictionary character in Agatha Christie’s detective novels) to learn that cremation in Russia is as customary as burial,” Alipov tweeted. With this, he slammed the suspicions raised by Congress leader Manish Tewari regarding the cremation of these two Russians in India.

On Thursday, the Russian Consulate General in Kolkata had also claimed that the nearest relatives of the deceased had expressed their will to have the bodies of Vladimir Bydanov and Pavel Antov cremated and their remains (ashes) taken to Russia.

On Wednesday, Tewari posted a video on Twitter highlighting the mysterious circumstances under which the Russian tourists Antov and Bidenov had died.

“A Russian Oligarch ..a war offbeat hotel..a colleague who dies under mysterious circumstances…a convenient window..another death..a cremation in India of two Christians rather than a burial…the bodies not repatriated to their native countries. If this not unnatural death then I did not go to law school,” Tewari said in the video statement on Twitter.

According to the police, Antov died after falling from the third floor of the hotel, barely 48 hours after his companion B Vladimir died of a heart stroke.


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