Shanghai Hit by Covid-19 Protests as Anger Spreads Across China

Beijing (China): In China, a fresh wave of protests against heavy COVID-19 curbs spread to Shanghai today. China citizens started protesting after an apartment block fire killed 10 people on Thursday.

Many internet users surmised that residents could not escape in time because the apartment was partially locked down.

However, Chinese media denied the allegation.

A video, circulated on social media, showed crowds in Shanghai shouting slogans against the Government urging the lifting of the lockdown. China is battling a surge in infections that has prompted lockdowns and other restrictions in cities across the country.

Infections have hit new highs in China in recent times in spite of the tough zero-Covid policy.

China defends President Xi Jinping’s signature zero-COVID policy as life-saving and necessary to prevent overwhelming the healthcare system. Officials have vowed to continue with it despite the growing public pushback and its mounting toll on the world’s second-biggest economy.

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