Sri Jagannath Slept at 5 AM to Wake up at 7 AM, Delay in Rituals Causes Problems for Waiting Devotees

Puri: The Pahuda ritual of Lord Jagannath scheduled for Thursday night was held on Friday morning. This ritual represents the sleeping of the deities of Srimandir in Puri.

According to servitors of the temple, the Pahuda ritual of Thursday night was delayed by several hours and was completed on Friday morning.

Basant Panchami or Saraswati Puja as well as Chacheri Besha of the deities is said to be the reason behind this delay.

The Pahuda ritual was performed at 5. 05 AM on Friday morning. Because of it, the ritualistic opening of the temple for the devotees or the Dwaraphita ritual or the first ritual of the temple in the morning was also delayed. This ritual is usually conducted at around 4.30 AM.

But on Friday the Dwaraphita ritual was held at 7 AM.

Only after this early morning ritual, devotees were allowed to enter the temple to have the darshan of the deities. Because of this delay, thousands of devotees crowded up in front of Singhdwara.

Servitors say, today most rituals of the lord may also get delayed.

Mangala Alati or the first arati of the day is performed after the Dwaraphita is Mangala Alati. Usually, it is performed at 5.30 AM. But on Friday Mangal Alati ritual was also delayed by over two hours.


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