Termites Damage Lakhs Worth Cash inside Locker in Rajasthan’s Bank

Udaipur: Currency notes worth Rs 2.15 lakh were eaten away and damaged inside the locker of the Punjab National Bank (PNB) branch in Udaipur of Rajasthan, reported India Today. The woman owning the locker was shocked to find her savings damaged by pests inside the iron chest.

The currency notes were damaged in such a way that they cannot be transacted. Irked by it, the owner of the locker, Sunita Mehta, complained about it to the bank’s authorities and administration.

She alleged that the bank authorities had failed to keep her items safe inside the locker, while it was the bank’s responsibility to make sure that the items inside the locker were safe.

It is believed that termites may have attacked around 25 lockers of this PNB branch. Locals blamed the negligence of the bank for it with the allegation that the bank authorities had not opted for any pest control.

Meanwhile, the bank authorities said their higher-ups were informed about the damage and the customer has been contacted to resolve the issue.


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