Turkey, Syria Quake: Drinking Own Urine Teenager Survives 94 Hours, Death Toll Crosses 25,000

Own urine became the last resort of survival for a teenager buried under the earthquake debris in Turkey. After being rescued from earthquake wreckage, this 17-year-old boy disclosed that he drank his own urine to survive 94 hours, reported ABC News.

The teenager remained buried under the rubble for almost 94 hours. He was admitted in a hospital in Gaziantep, Turkey. This lucky survivor named Adnan Muhammet Korkut told ABC News that he was asleep in his family’s home when the earthquake hit. Using his survival skills, he immediately “got into the fetal position.” Then he got buried under the wreckage of the building that collapsed over him.

He knew he had to keep himself strong and alive. He had no food or water with him. So, he drank his own urine and “ate his family’s flowers” to survive. He set his phone’s alarm to go off every 25 minutes to prevent himself from falling asleep. But the battery of his phone was exhausted after two days.

He was finally found and rescued after four days.

Similar miraculous survivals are appearing from different parts of earthquake hit Turkey and Syria. The rescuers found the 10-day-old newborn awake under the rubble of a building near Samandag in Hatay province of Turkey on Friday. His mother was also found in a dazed but conscious state. In Hatay, a seven-year-old girl named Asya Donmez was rescued after 95 hours and taken to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the death toll in this massive earthquake has crossed 25,000.


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