Turkey, Syria Quake: 10-Day-Old Baby Rescued after 4 Days as Death Toll Reaches 24,000

It was almost a miracle for rescuers as they took out a 10-day-old newborn who survived four days with his mother in a collapsed building in Turkey. This incident provided a ray of hope to the rescuers as the earthquake death toll in Turkey continues to mount. The quake death toll has already reached 24,000.

The rescuers found the 10-day-old newborn awake under the rubble of a building near Samandag. This Turkish baby named Yagiz Ulas was immediately wrapped up in a shiny thermal blanket and was shifted to a field medical centre in Samandag in Hatay province on Friday. His mother was also found in a dazed but conscious state.

A video of this miraculous rescue was uploaded by Turkey’s disaster agency. A similar rescue of a number of small children has lifted the spirits of weary crews searching for survivors. Also in Hatay, a seven-year-old girl named Asya Donmez was rescued after 95 hours and taken to hospital, the state-owned Anadolu news agency reported.

Rescuers are racing against time. Widespread devastation due to earthquakes is accompanied by intense cold, hunger, and despair. Thousands have become homeless by the tremors.

The first UN aid deliveries arrived in Syrian rebel-held zones. Several countries, including India, have sent aid and relief materials to Turkey and Syria.


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