Three Killed, One Injured by Wild Elephant in Angul Dist

Angul: A wild tusker created havoc in Angul district in the wee hours of Saturday. According to police and forest officials, this stray wild pachyderm has already killed three persons and injured another. Efforts are on to drive it away into the jungle.

According to sources, an aged person became prey to this wild elephant at Cheliapada village. This Elderly man was mauled by the elephant while he was working in his garden.

The same stray tusker also attacked and killed two others at Angarabandha and Barasingha villages. It injured another person at Santri village.

Receiving information about the killings by the wild elephant, forest officials rushed to the spot to take stock of the situation. Locals have started demanding proper compensation for the families of deceased persons. With help of local villagers, forest officials are trying hard to keep the angry wild elephant away from human habitats.

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