Twitter Auctions Coffee Machines As Elon Musk Struggles With Income

In a surprising turn of events, Twitter has started auctioning its used items like coffee machines and neon display logo. This comes at a time when Elon Musk is allegedly struggling to pay rents.

Items earlier used by Twitter are being auctioned through a 27-hour online auction, organised by Heritage Global Partners Inc. This auction hints at the upheaval at Twitter, the company Elon Musk acquired for $44 billion in 2022.

The items of Twitter on auction include company memorabilia like a large Twitter bird statue and an “@” symbol sculpture planter. Their bids start at $25. The neon logo received 64 bids valuing it at $17,500 – the highest current bid of the lot. The bird statue had 55 bids, pushing the price to $16,000, while the “@” sculpture had 52 bids for a $4,100 value.

Netizens say some cash through these auctions is likely a welcome for Musk, who is trying to cut costs radically at the company. Musk has failed to pay rent for its San Francisco office. Workers in other offices of Twitter including its Asia-Pacific base in Singapore have been asked to work from home to decrease establishment costs.


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