Watch: New Clarification from Rep of Fugitive Godman Nithyananda’s ‘Kailasa’

Vijayapriya Nithyananda, who proclaims herself to be the representative of ‘Kailasa’ established by fugitive rape-accused godman Nithyananda has issued a clarification regarding her UN speech. She called for action against “anti-Hindu” elements opposing ‘Kailasa’ and Nithyananda.

On February 24, during a discussion organised by the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of the UN, Vijayapriya, as the “permanent ambassador of the United States of Kailasa” said Nithyananda is being persecuted and even banned from his birth country.

Now in her recent clarification, Vijayapriya has said, “I would like to clarify that I stated that SPH Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam is persecuted in his birthplace by certain anti-Hindu elements. The United States of KAILASA holds India in high regard and respects India as its Gurupeedam.”

“Our concern is solely directed towards those anti-Hindu elements. We urge the Indian government to take action against such elements who continue to incite violence against the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism and Kailasa,” she said.

Controversial godman Nithyananda is a rape accused, who fled India and emerged in 2020 with the claim of having established his own country named the United States of Kailasa.

No one knows where Nithyananda’s Kailasa is. It is said that the fugitive godman has bought an island off Ecuador in South America.

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