Paraguay Sacks Official for Signing Deal With Fugitive Nithyananda’s Fake Country “Kailasa”

The Paraguayan government sacked a senior official this week for signing a cooperation memorandum with “United States of Kailasa”, a fake nonexistent country with fugitive Nithyananda as its head.

The fired chief of staff to the agriculture minister of Paraguay, Arnaldo Chamorro admitted that he had been fooled by purported officials from the “United States of Kailasa”, presented to him as a South American island. Chamorro said the fake officials also met the agriculture minister of Paraguay.

The memorandum signed by the two parties called for the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two “countries.”

Nithyanada is an Indian citizen wanted for several crimes. He has escaped out of India and is claiming to have established the first Hindu nation named “Kailasa”.

The Paraguay agriculture ministry in a statement lamented “procedural errors” committed and said the memorandum “cannot be considered official” nor confer any obligations on the state of Paraguay.

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