Watch: US Shoots Down Chinese Spy Balloon

The suspected Chinese spy balloon hovering over the US for around a week was shot down by a missile fired by the US fighter jet F-22 Raptor.  China has however reacted to it by saying that the shooting of the balloon by the US has “seriously impacted and damaged” its relations with Washington.

Pentagon will brief US lawmakers in the Senate on the balloon and Chinese surveillance on February 15.

The massive Chinese spy balloon, about the size of three school buses, was first spotted over nuclear missile launch facilities in Montana in the US. To avoid any losses on the ground the US authorities decided to shoot it down when it was over the Atlantic Ocean.

The US Navy divers and unmanned underwater vessels are being used to recover the debris of the Chinese spy balloon. As per reports, the intelligence-collection pod of the spy balloon fell into the Atlantic Ocean. It is said to be intact and it would provide scope to examine Chinese intelligence and communications systems, the Pentagon said in a press conference.

The debris landed in 47 feet of water, shallower than officials had expected. Recovery will be completed soon. USS Oscar Austin, a Navy destroyer, the USS Carter Hall, a dock landing ship, and the USS Philippine Sea, a guided missile cruiser, are deployed to recover the debris of the spy balloon.

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