A pickup van plunged down the bridge in the middle of the night

A pick-up van fell down the bridge late last night near Mahulpal village on the Dhenkanal-Kamakshanagar main road. At this time, there were 3 passengers including the driver in the pick-up van, but they have gone missing.

Last night, a pickup van was going from Dhenkanal to Kamakshanagar.

The van directly fell down the bridge on the approach road of the construction division near Mahupal village. Locals informed the Kamakshanagar fire brigade after hearing the lights of the crashed vehicle and the screams of people in the dark.

Firefighters arrived and rescued the passengers from the van. After the rescue, the injured passenger was admitted to Kamakshanagar Medical Center. Their health condition is good. It is suspected that such an accident happened due to careless driving of the driver.

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