Man On The Run For 28 Years After Murdering Mother-In-Law In Chennai Arrested In Odisha

Berhampur: A man wanted for the 1995 murder of his mother-in-law in Chennai was arrested in Odisha’s Ganjam district after 28 years on the run. The accused, Harihara Pattjoshi, 51, who had been hiding in various locations throughout Odisha and Surat, was finally apprehended by a joint team of Chennai and Berhampur police while trying to flee.

Originally from Berhampur, Pattjoshi had moved to Chennai in the early 1990s, he was 23 then. He reportedly met and fell in love with Indira, a local woman. They got married in 1994, but their relationship soon soured due to domestic disputes. Indira filed for divorce, enraging Pattjoshi.

In August 1995, Pattjoshi allegedly attacked Indira, her mother Rama, and her brother Karthik at their Chennai residence. Rama died in the attack, while Indira and Karthik sustained serious injuries.

Pattjoshi managed to escape from Chennai and remained absconding for 28 years, despite multiple police raids in Odisha and Surat. He even managed to start a new life and father a daughter with his second wife.

However, a tip-off led Chennai police to Pattjoshi’s hideout in Gosaninuagaon, Odisha. After a week-long search, police teams were able to trace and apprehend him while he was trying to flee again.

Pattjoshi’s arrest finally brings an end to a 28-year-long manhunt. He will now face trial for the murder of his mother-in-law and the assault on his wife and brother-in-law.

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