Elderly Devotee Passes Away After Sandhya Darshan in Puri’s Shri Gundicha Temple

Puri: In a tragic incident at Shri Gundicha Temple in Puri, Odisha, an 82-year-old devotee passed away after experiencing the Sandhya Darshan of Lord Jagannath and His siblings during their annual sojourn.

The deceased, identified as Laxmidhar Khuntia, was from Kakatpur Bazaar and had come to the temple with his family to seek blessings. Laxmidhar Khuntia, a retired school headmaster and senior Congress leader, suddenly collapsed and despite efforts to revive him, the cause of his death remains unknown. The news of his demise has cast a shadow of sorrow over the local community.

This unfortunate incident follows a similar occurrence on June 4 at the Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri. During the Snana Jatra rituals, another devotee named Ambalal Bhoi from Rajasthan fell ill and subsequently passed away. Ambalal Bhoi had expressed discomfort while being present at the ancient shrine. He was initially taken to the Singhadwar primary health centre and then transferred to the district headquarters hospital in Puri, where he was declared dead by the doctors.

These incidents of devotees losing their lives while paying homage to Lord Jagannath and participating in sacred rituals have caused deep sadness among the worshippers and the local community. It highlights the need for adequate medical facilities and precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of devotees during such important religious gatherings.

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