17-Yr-Old Girl Dies of Heart Attack While Climbing School Stairs

Surat: A shocking incident unfolded at AB School in Navsari, Gujarat, where a 17-year-old girl named Tanisha Gandhi, studying in class 12, passed away due to a sudden cardiac arrest. The untimely demise of Tanisha, who had already endured the loss of her mother to Covid-19 two years ago, has raised concerns over the health and safety of young individuals.

The unfortunate incident occurred during recess when Tanisha was climbing the stairs alongside her friends. Suddenly, she experienced breathlessness and profuse sweating, prompting immediate distress. Despite her attempt to hold onto the stair railing, she lost her grip. Her friends promptly provided support and alerted the school staff.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, the school authorities swiftly arranged transportation and rushed Tanisha to the nearest private hospital. Unfortunately, the attending doctor declared her deceased, citing sudden cardiac arrest as the probable cause. While awaiting the postmortem report for further insights, doctors have preliminarily attributed her passing to this cardiac event.

Tanisha was an exceptionally bright student with aspirations of becoming a doctor. She resided with her father, a physics teacher, after losing her mother during the Covid-19 pandemic two years prior. The AB School principal, Amrut Chhatrola, expressed deep sorrow over the tragic incident, highlighting the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Tanisha’s aspirations.

Regrettably, Gujarat has witnessed a distressing rise in cases involving young and middle-aged individuals succumbing to sudden heart attacks in recent months. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of understanding and addressing cardiovascular health concerns, particularly among the younger population.

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