Divine Radha Pada Darshan in Sakhigopal

On the day of Amla Navami devtees get once in a year darshan of the holy feet of Maa Radha, which remain covered all over the year.

Sakhigopal: On no other day except Amla Navami, devotees can have ‘Radha Pada Darshan’ at the famous Gopinath temple of Sakhigopal in Odisha’s Puri district. This year devotees will get the divine chance to offer prayers at the feet of goddess Radha on November 2.

Odia Radha:

On this day, Maa Radha, takes up the garb of a traditional Odia woman. It is called ‘Odiani Besha’. Along with her Lord Gopinath is decorated in Natabar Besha.

In this temple, Radha’s feet remain hidden under her dress throughout the year. Amla Navami is the only day on which her lotus feet are exposed for the devotees. After having darshan of her feet, married women offer conches, red bangles, sacred threads, vermilion and diyas to the Amla tree wishing for the wellbeing of their life partners. Amla tree is worshipped as the incarnation of Lord Krishna and Maa Radha.

Legend Behind:

It is believed that ashtasakhi (eight female friends) of Sri Krishna, asked him, why he was more attached to Radha than them. Sri Krishna did not answer them immediately. Once when Sri Krishna became ill. The vaidya treating him said he can be cured by consuming dust from the feet of his ashtasakhi. Due to various reasons, none of ashtasakhi allowed Lord Krishna to consume the dust from their feet. But Radha was only worried about the health of her beloved. Forgetting all mental blockades she immediately handed over dust from her feet. Radha Pada Darshan makes us remember this eternal love of Radha and Krishna.


According to history, the Gopinath idol worshipped in Sakhigopal temple was brought here by Gajapati Purushottam Dev. This idol was earlier worshipped by the King of Kanchi, Salva Narasimha Dev. Purushottam Dev had defeated the Kanchi’s king and transported the idol to Odisha. Lord Jagannath and Balabhadra are believed to have helped the Odia king in this battle.

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