Flood Situation In Banki Remains Grim; Admin Yet To Reach Flood-Affected People Of These Villages

Banki (Cuttack): While several villages in Cuttack district’s Banki subdivision submerged in flood waters for a week now, the administration has not been able to reach all the marooned people yet.

Floods have played havoc in the rural trans-Mahanadi areas and around a dozen villages of Bilipara, Shimilipur, Shankargarh, Karabar, etc have been hit. While the residents suffer not only due to the floods but also heavy rains, relief from the administration is yet to reach these villages.

According to the locals, no official has visited these villages which were cut off from the mainland following the breach of Mahanadi.

The affected villagers have taken shelter on roads and temporary sheds erected on embankments. Several people in these villages have taken shelter on a river embankment.

They said that a lot of people have lost their thatched houses in the flood and the unavailability of polythene sheets has only made matters worse.

Meanwhile, the flood-hit people who had taken shelter on river embankments and highways found themselves in more trouble as water entered their makeshift tents following the fresh bout of rains.

Though floodwater of Mahanadi, Paika, and Devi rivers has receded, the rains added to the worries of people in the Banki subdivision, especially those taking shelter in makeshift camps.

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