Gopalpur Port Sets New Record with Fastest-Ever Iron Ore Loading

Gopalpur: Odisha’s Gopalpur Port has achieved a remarkable feat by achieving the fastest-ever manual loading of iron ore lumps since its establishment. In a historic achievement, the port loaded a record-breaking 59,150 metric tonnes of iron ore lumps in just 24 hours on the vessel MV Reachy Spring, nominated by M/s JSW Steel.

Additionally, on July 15, 2023, the port loaded 86,700 metric tonnes of iron ore lumps in 40 hours on the same vessel, averaging 2,167 metric tonnes per hour. The master of the vessel awarded Gopalpur Port a Certificate of Appreciation for this achievement.

The Managing Director of SP Port Maintenance, Amit Saboo, expressed great pride in the accomplishments of the port’s team. This record-breaking performance demonstrates the efficiency and capacity of Gopalpur Port in handling large volumes of cargo. The port’s focus on customer satisfaction and meticulous planning before vessel berthing ensures safe and efficient loading.

Notably, the port has previously discharged more than 32,000 metric tonnes of coal cargo in 24 hours from the vessel MV New Prestige.

With the ability to handle more than 20 rakes per day, Gopalpur Port has established itself as a reliable and competitive maritime gateway. Its exceptional performance in marine operations further solidifies its position as the next Super Port in East India. Gopalpur Port, known for its all-weather operations and round-the-clock service, is set to become a significant player in the region.

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