Judiciary Stuck in the Past? Govt Seeks Spelling Update From ‘Orissa’ to ‘Odisha’

Bhubaneswar: The Law Department of the Odisha government has taken a step towards addressing the inconsistency in the spelling of the state’s name within the judiciary. In a letter dated October 16, 2023, Advocate Kulamani Behera brought the issue to light, highlighting the confusion caused by the continued use of the outdated spelling “Orissa” despite the official change to “Odisha” in November 2011.

Behera’s letter emphasized the need for uniformity, citing examples like signboards displaying “LOKASEVA BHAWN ODISHA” alongside “High Court of Orissa.” He further questioned how students could be expected to understand the state’s name with such discrepancies.

In response to Behera’s concerns, the Law Department has forwarded the issue to the Home Department for corrective action. This move signals a positive step towards ensuring consistency in the spelling of Odisha across all government departments and institutions, including the judiciary.

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