Keonjhar Woman Hacked to Death by Husband Over Family Feud

Soso: In a tragic incident that unfolded under Soso police limits in Odisha’s Keonjhar district, a man has been accused of hacking his wife to death due to an ongoing family feud. The victim has been identified as Tulsi Bindhani.

According to reports, an altercation between Tulsi and her husband, Abhay Rout, escalated into a violent confrontation last night. The situation took a gruesome turn this morning when Abhay allegedly used a kitchen knife to fatally attack his wife.

Upon receiving the information, the Soso police swiftly arrived at the scene. They promptly seized the victim’s body and apprehended the accused husband for further questioning regarding the murder case.

Investigations into this shocking incident are currently underway, as authorities aim to unravel the exact circumstances and motives behind this heinous crime.

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