Aadhaar Biometrics Reconnect Missing Differently-Abled Bihar Youth with Family in Odisha

Keonjhar: In a heartwarming incident, a differently-abled boy who had been missing for six years was successfully reunited with his family from Bihar, thanks to the utilization of Aadhaar enrolment technology. The now 19-year-old boy, who is deaf and mute, was discovered in a distressed state at a market in the Keonjhar district of Odisha on June 2, 2017.

Upon receiving information about the boy, members of the Child Welfare Committee promptly arrived at the scene and rescued him. However, due to his communication limitations, they were unable to gather any details about his background. Consequently, for his safety, the boy was placed in a disability centre in Telkoi.

The breakthrough came when an attempt was made to enroll him for an Aadhaar card. During the biometric process, his thumb impression revealed that he was already registered under the name Mitu Kumar, son of Ram Kishore Jadav from Darbhanga in Bihar.

Once this information was obtained, the local administration began its efforts to locate the boy’s family. In response, the boy’s parents travelled to Keonjhar and were joyfully reunited with their child.

Ram Kishore Jadav, the boy’s father, expressed his overwhelming emotions, stating, “It is an emotionally charged moment for us as a family as we got back our son after six years. Basudev gave birth to Krishna but he was raised by Nandraja. My son’s story is a living example of that.”

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