Nabarangpur: Minor Boy Dies As Power Cut in Hospital Disrupts Oxygen Supply

Nabarangpur: A 17-year-old accident victim kid allegedly died because oxygen could not be given during an operation on his body at the time due to a power outage in the hospital.

The awful occurrence took place at the hospital in Raighar.

Milan Gaine a resident of the Nakaticimoda DNK village, had visited his maternal uncle Goutam Sarkar’s residence in Powerbela-1. Rajen Sarkar, the son of Milan’s uncle, and a third friend had taken a motorcycle to a local festival in Birapur. The overspeeding motorcycle met with a collision midway. They were subsequently, rushed to a nearby hospital by locals.

Milan required an urgent operation to survive. Unfortunately, there was a power outage at that very moment. Additionally, the hospital lacked a generator or inverter. The only alternative left was to operate on Milan by the light of a torch. But because there was no electricity, he could not receive oxygen. According to family relatives, he died from his wounds while the surgery was being performed.

After Milan’s death, tension galloped the medical campus as friends and family members gathered there to protest the carelessness of the medical staff.

Police arrived on the scene, and immediately launched an investigation into the matter.

Locals have asked that a generator be maintained on hand at the hospital for emergency use, and authorities must make sure that a similar heartbreaking occurrence never happens again.

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