Bhadrak School Horror: 2 Students Flee Hostel, Attempt Suicide Alleging Torture By Teacher

Bhadrak: In a distressing incident in Bhadrak district, Odisha, minor students from a private school’s hostel reportedly attempted to end their lives due to alleged teacher torture. The incident unfolded at Arabind Purnanga Sikhya Kendra in Erein village, Bhadrak Rural police limits, where the students were subjected to inhumane treatment.

The minors disclosed that they faced not only restrictions from contacting their parents but also physical abuse and forced manual labour at the hands of the teachers. Unable to bear the torment any longer, they decided to flee the hostel. Their journey took them about 4 km until concerned locals spotted them wandering alone near Charampa.

The children revealed their harrowing ordeal, highlighting the extremely poor conditions they endured. They were forced to clean the floors and were even denied access to the toilet. The teachers confiscated their phones, preventing them from speaking to their parents, who live in Kolkata. Moreover, the food provided was unpalatable, making their situation unbearable.

A minor girl shared her experience with media persons, expressing her dissatisfaction with the hostel life and the daily mistreatment she and her peers faced. The children’s emotional state caught the attention of shopkeepers who offered them solace and assistance upon learning about their distressing situation.

When questioned, an authority figure from the school, who arrived later, denied knowledge of the incident and dismissed the allegations of teacher torture at the institution.

The local authorities promptly intervened, rescuing the minors and taking appropriate action against the detained school official. The incident has sparked outrage in the community, calling for a thorough investigation and accountability.

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