OPSC ASO Exam: Things To Remember Before Going Examination Hall

Bhubaneswar: Over 3.5 lakh aspirants, who have applied for Assistant Section Officers (ASO) posts are preparing to appear for the examination on the 27th of this month. During the last moment of their preparation, students are trying to make all possible ways to pave their path through this one of the most reputed services of the state.

It is perfectly normal to feel anxious when you set high career goals for yourself. and the entire process of preparing for competitive exams in a well-planned and systematic way. And the most important part of the exam is to follow the guidelines– ‘what to do and what not to do’ before entering into the examination hall.

Meanwhile, the examination conducting body, the Odisha Public Service Commission (OPSC) has set some instructions.

  1. The candidates must study carefully the following instructions and observe the same meticulously without fail. They should also read the instructions as mentioned on the admission certificate, test booklet/question booklet and answer sheet.
  2. All candidates should wear Masks and maintain Covid-19 protocol.
  3. The candidates must note that his/ her admission to the examination is strictly provisional. In the event of any information furnished by the candidate being found false or incorrect or ineligibility being detected at any stage after admission of the candidate to the examination, his/her candidature shall be rejected.
  4. (i) The candidate is advised to bring his/ her Admission Certificate (AC) to the examination hall/ room to secure admission. He/ She must read the instructions printed on the admission certificate.

(ii) The candidate must also bring his/her Identity proof in original (i.e., Voter Identity Card/ Driving License/ PAN Card/ Adhaar Card/ E-Adhaar Printout/ Passport/ Identity Card of Educational Institution) and its photocopy. On the copy of Identity proof the candidates should write his/her Roll No. on the top and put his /her full signature and date at the bottom.

(iii)The candidate is required to put his/her full signature in the attendance sheet in presence of the concerned Invigilator. Such signature of the candidate should tally with his/ her signature already submitted earlier in his/ her application.

(iv)The candidate is advised to bring his/her own ball point pen containing blue or black ink.

(v)The candidate must hand over the admission certificate & copy of Identity Proof to the Invigilator after completion of the examination.

5. Any kind of digital and manual wristwatches shall not be allowed since there will be a wall-clock installed in every room of the examination Centre.

WARNING:– The candidates are required to fill-up & darken Roll No.; Test Booklet/Question Booklet Series in the Answer Sheets as well as fill up Test Booklet/ Question Booklet Serial No. and Answer Sheet Serial No. in the Attendance Sheet on each sitting in blue/ black ball point pen carefully. Wrongly filled up Answer Sheets are liable for rejection at the risk of candidates.

The candidate should write clearly his/ her Roll No. in Ball Point Pen, and darken the Roll No. in Ball Point Pen at the appropriate spaces provided for the purpose on the Answer Sheet. In case any corrections/ changes are required by the candidate as well as by the Invigilator it must be countersigned by the Centre Supervisor. (ii) The candidate should write in Ball Point Pen the name of Service/Examination, Date of Examination, Subject/Paper, name of Centre etc. at the appropriate spaces provided for the purpose on the Answer Sheet.

The candidate is required to encode in Ball Point Pen, series of the Test Booklet/Ouestion Booklet at the appropriate spaces provided for the purpose on the Answer Sheet soon after the Test Booklet/Question Booklet is supplied to him/her. The Answer Sheet contains 200 slots having 4 (Four) ovals each. However, depending upon the no. of questions in the Test Booklet, the candidates have to darken the required no of spaces and others may be left blank. For example, if Test Booklet contains only 100 questions, the candidates will darken the answers within 1-100 and if it contains 80 questions, then within 1-80.

The candidates are required to occupy their seats in the Examination Hall at least 30 minutes prior to commencement of the examination and 15 minutes prior to each sitting they should get seated against their allotted roll numbers. No candidate shall he admitted into the Examination Hall after the scheduled time of commencement of the examination under any circumstances whatsoever. The candidates are allowed to take with them the candidate’s copy/ second page of the Answer Sheet along with the Test Booklet/ Question Booklet after completion of the examination, for their reference.

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