Authorities Seize 22 Kg Cocaine Worth Over ₹200 Crore at Paradip Port

Paradip: Authorities at Paradip port on Friday seized approximately 22 kilograms of cocaine from a ship arriving from Indonesia. The contraband, with an estimated value of around Rs. 200 crores, was discovered during a routine search conducted by the Customs Department.

The Customs Commissioner, Madhav Chandra Mishra, confirmed the seizure and mentioned that a detailed investigation is underway. The vessel, named MV DEBI, was detained after the illicit substance was found. The ship, originally bound for Europe from Indonesia, had reportedly stopped at Paradip port for cargo pickup.

The discovery of suspicious packets during the inspection led to further investigation by local police, CISF, and the Dog Squad. The packets were seized from the PICT berth of Paradip Port, and the Excise and Customs Department has taken possession of the confiscated substances.

The Customs team found a white powdery substance in the packets, later identified as cocaine through testing. Despite the inspection, the ship’s crew claimed ignorance regarding the origin and purpose of the packets. Authorities, including the Commissioner, are currently at Paradip for additional investigations.

It is noteworthy that the seizure took place during a nighttime inspection, and while some suspicious items were found in the packets, there is no immediate cause for alarm. Paradip Adams Police Station, CISF, and the Dog Squad are actively involved in the ongoing investigation.

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