20-Yr-Old Indian Student Rescued After Months of Horrific Captivity and Abuse in US; 3 Arrested

Missouri (US): The US authorities successfully rescued a 20-year-old Indian student who had been held captive for several months in three homes. The victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, was subjected to severe abuse, denied access to a bathroom, and forced to work by his cousin and two other individuals.

The rescue operation unfolded after a concerned citizen alerted the authorities to the victim’s plight, leading to the arrest of Venkatesh R Sattaru, Sravan Varma Penumetcha, and Nikhil Verma Penmatsa. The accused now face charges including human trafficking, kidnapping, and assault.

The victim, who had come to the US with aspirations of studying at Missouri University of Science and Technology, instead found himself trapped in a cycle of forced labour and abuse. He endured sleeping on an unfinished basement floor, scavenging for food in restaurant dumpsters, and being brutally beaten with various objects.

The three suspects, identified as Sattaru, Penumetcha, and Penmatsa, allegedly confined and abused the victim at different homes owned by Sattaru. The ringleader, Sattaru, faces additional charges of human trafficking and contributing to human trafficking through document misuse.

The victim, now safe and receiving medical treatment for multiple fractures and injuries, revealed a harrowing routine of early morning chores, a full day of work for Sattaru’s IT company, and evening tasks. Failure to complete these tasks led to severe beatings, with the victim monitored by surveillance cameras.

The arrest has shocked neighbours, highlighting the importance of vigilance in reporting suspicious activities. The suspects, described as wealthy with political connections in India, are currently held without bond.

The victim, fearing for his safety and his family’s well-being in India, was hesitant to report the abuse due to the suspects’ influence. Authorities are now investigating whether there may be additional victims connected to this case and urge the public to report any suspicious activity.

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