Coastal Security Mock Drill ‘Sagar Kavach-2’ Commences off Odisha’s Paradip Coast

Bhubaneswar: In a collaborative effort involving 18 state and central agencies, a comprehensive two-day security exercise named ‘Sagar Kavach-2’ was conducted along the coasts of West Bengal and Odisha.

This crucial exercise, which has been carried out biannually since the 26/11 Mumbai attack, aims to enhance coastal security in the region. Notable participants included the Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Police, Forest Department, Fishery Department, Odisha Police, Central Industrial Security Force, and Intelligence Department.

The exercise follows a well-established format with two opposing teams, designated as the red and blue teams. The red team, comprising officials from various departments, simulates infiltration attempts, while the blue team works diligently to intercept and thwart these efforts.

On the first day of the exercise, operations were conducted at multiple locations in and around Paradip town. These included the fishing jetty, Mahanadi mouth, slum areas, radar station, lighthouse, film hall, trade centre, bus stand, port gate, administrative building, and factory gates. The primary objective of this drill is to promote seamless coordination among different departments, ensuring a robust response to potential terrorist threats.

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