Canadian PM Trudeau Opted for Regular Room Over Presidential Suite Offered By India During G20

New Delhi: During the G20 Summit in India, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau opted not to utilize the specially prepared presidential suite at New Delhi’s The Lalit Hotel, a decision that raised concerns among Indian intelligence officials, according to sources.

While a separate presidential suite had been reserved for Prime Minister Trudeau at The Lalit Hotel, he chose to stay in a regular room for the entirety of his visit to India. Notably, the Indian government had made arrangements for VVIP accommodations at various hotels in Delhi for all heads of state and delegates attending the summit.

The security for the presidential suites was diligently overseen by Delhi Police and other security agencies. However, Prime Minister Trudeau’s decision to forgo the presidential suite in favour of a standard room at the hotel deviated from the norm.

Ensuring the security of foreign dignitaries was a top priority, with central paramilitary forces, NSG commandos, and Delhi Police teams all playing crucial roles. Security responsibilities were clearly defined for commandos from various security agencies, and the Ministry of Home Affairs conducted multiple meetings to coordinate security arrangements.

For the protection of G20 delegates, the CRPF deployed 50 teams of guards, and an additional team of 1,000 personnel was stationed at the VIP Security Training Centre in Greater Noida. This extensive security effort aimed to guarantee the safety of foreign guests throughout the G20 summit.

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