Patients Suffer as SCB Medical College Endures Second Day of Power Outage

Cuttack’s prestigious SCB Medical College and Hospital in Odisha faced a second consecutive day of disruption in health services due to a prolonged power outage lasting over six hours on Sunday.

After a severe power cut lasting more than 10 hours on Saturday, patients continued to endure difficulties inside the hospital on Sunday, as several departments remained without electricity for extended periods.

The frequent power disruptions have deprived patients of essential services such as blood tests and CT scans, leading to growing frustration among patients and their attendants. Despite numerous complaints, the hospital authorities have yet to address this pressing issue.

During the power outage, patients had to endure uncomfortable conditions, with some resorting to using makeshift fans and newspapers to find relief from the humid environment. The situation was so dire that doctors had to rely on mobile lights to treat patients.

SCB Medical Superintendent, Sudhanshu Shekhar Mishra, stated, “While we have resolved the electricity problem in the Medicine Ward, we cannot provide a timeline for addressing the broader electrical issues. We are actively working to prevent future power outages, as both patients and doctors continue to suffer.”

Mishra also called upon the Electricity Department to take action, emphasizing the importance of SCB as a vital medical institution serving thousands of patients who rely on its services. It is imperative that electrical faults are promptly addressed to ensure uninterrupted healthcare delivery.

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