The great impact of ‘Odisha Bhaskar’: Road work started within 48 hours

Niali, (Odisha Bhaskar): The road to Devikandal Deepanchal Botakhal Kundimuh road had collapsed. The incident was reported in the Odisha Bhaskar newspaper about the closing of traffic. Within 48 hours of the news broadcast, at the behest of Niali MLA Dr. Pramod Kumar Mallick, the departmental authorities have started work within 48 hours by placing sandbags at the site of the collapse of the road at the riverbank. After 2 days heavy vehicles started traveling again from the road. Similarly a huge hole was formed in the bank of Shagdail Road from Kundimuha Bridge. Its work has also started.

Another pole was dug up near Gadapole High School by concerned developer on a rainy day. It became a problem for everyone including teachers, students, and parents to go through the road. Within 24 hours of this news being broadcast, the said poll work has started. Niali MLA Dr. Pramod Kumar Mallick thanked the media representatives who broadcast the news.

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