Thunka Poori: Food Aficionados Never Miss This Delicacy In Bali Yatra

Cuttack: Poori is one of the famous Indian dishes, which has travelled to most of the regions in the country.

In every railway station in India, Poori is the prominent breakfast item and with an outstanding emotion, people have it.

But it becomes something different when it comes to Odisha’s Cuttack during Bali Yatra.

Most of the time Puri is available in Cuttack in its usual size but during Bali Yatra, it becomes a big one, called ‘Thunka Poori’.

In Odia, Thunka means the big, and such type of Poori makes its entry into the marjket with Bali Yatra, one of the biggest open-air festivals of Asia.

A visit to Baliyatra is incomplete without a mouthful of sumptuous Thunka Poori.

This large-sized, deep-fried purl is served with sumptuous chhena tarkari (cottage cheese curry) and phulkobi bhaja (cauliflower fry) and is a trademark Baliyatra delicacy.

All-Purpose flour is used for making this Poori, however, there were some recipes that used equal parts of wheat flour and maida.

The poories made in the Bali Yatra are very huge in size and most people can’t make it at home. That’s why people throng to Bali Yatra ground in Cuttack to have this delicacy.

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