Villagers Oppose Proposed Liquor Shop In Chandbali

Bhadrak: Simulia residents in the Chandbali NAC of the Bhadrak district have vehemently objected to a government notification that would have allowed the building of a liquor store there.

There are a Maa Tarini Temple, a Sai Baba Temple, a Durga temple and a Jagannath Temple and a Dalit slum near the location where the proposed booze shop would come up. It is planned for the liquor store to be built a short distance from the village.

As there are several temples there, hundreds of people, including women and children, visit there every day. Three NAC wards are connected by the road where the proposed location of liquor shop is located. Every day, hundreds of locals use the road. As a result, we oppose the decision to open a liquor shop in the area, the residents affirmed.

Villagers have begun organising protests as well. If the administration decides to open a liquor shop in the suggested location, they have warned to escalate the protests.

Braja Kishore Rout, AK Zahir, and other villagers warned that the district administration and the government would be held accountable if any peace and order issues arose as a result of the villager’s protest against the booze store.

Political parties have also been speaking out against the liquor shop in the meanwhile.

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