WATCH: Was it Agni-V’s Celestial Show in Odisha Sky?

Balasore: People claim that glimpses of the Agni-V test fire were seen across Odisha last night. A meteor-like object was seen descending from the sky with the sound of a helicopter. The bright light emanating from the back of the star-like light illuminated the night sky.

The Agni-V ballistic missile was successfully test-fired from Abdul Kalam Island off the coast of Odisha on Thursday.

A no-fly zone was declared over the Bay of Bengal ahead of the Agni-V ballistic missile test.

However, at first, the observers were confused about this bright light that appeared in the sky of the Balasore coast. Many people came out of their houses to see the light and recorded it on their mobile phones. The spectacle was visible in the sky for about 2 minutes.

Whereas this caused panic among some people, it was later clarified that the bright flying object was actually the Agni-5 missile that was test fired earlier in the day from Abdul Kalam Island.

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