Woman, 2 Accomplices Arrested for Lover’s Murder in Odisha

Subarnapur: In a shocking turn of events, a woman was arrested alongside two accomplices for orchestrating the murder of her lover in Odisha’s Subarnapur district. Driven by revenge after discovering Dambru’s infidelity, the woman allegedly paid Rs. 40,000 to two, identified as Rita Nayak and Rajiv Kumar to kill him.

The accused, identified as Jhilli Mahapatra, a resident of Deogarh district, was in a relationship with the victim, named Dambru Adhikari, from Saleipadar village, for five years. However, her world crumbled when she learned of his affair with another woman from Rourkela. Consumed by anger and a desire for retribution, Jhilli hatched a sinister plan.

On January 26th, Rita and Rajiv, acting on Jhilli’s instructions, lured Dambru to a secluded spot under the pretext of attending a party. There, they ruthlessly killed him, attempting to stage the crime as an accident by placing his body on a two-wheeler.

Subarnapur Superintendent of Police, Yashpratap Srimal, commended the team’s meticulous investigation that exposed the truth. “Initially, it appeared like an accident,” he stated, “but our team’s diligence revealed a calculated murder fueled by revenge.”

The damaged SIM card recovered from the scene proved to be a crucial clue, leading the police to Jhilli, currently residing in Sambalpur. All three perpetrators – Jhilli, Rita, and Rajiv – have been apprehended and produced in court.

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