World Record by collecting batch: Shyam Prakash from Odisha is shinning all over the World

Puri: The addiction of batch collection has become a world record holder today. Today Shyam Prakash has become the pride and glory of Odisha for such a unique addiction. Captain Shyam Prakash, a meritorious child and social worker of Puri district, has emerged as such an example. Today he is leading the world in batch collection. He has been honored by World Records of India.

Shyam Prakash has collected more than 4,600 batches since 1992 and has achieved this new world record. Collected batches at various places as guests, stage coordinators, cultural events and members of social institutions. Being involved in more than 5 thousand platforms has brought him this fortune today. However, it was found that his name was mentioned in all the batches collected by him.

Social activist Shyam Prakash Senapati has participated in various events not only in the state but also abroad and has preserved the batch he got from there. He had been addicted to batch collection since he was a child. He then began the batch collection campaign in 1922. In the meantime, he has collected batch of solo, ribbon, velvet and jute. He was recently honored by his Excellency the Governor as a successful figure at the “Concept of Achievement” event held at the Raj Bhavan.

Shyam Prakash is a social worker and a poet. He has been the founder and editor of Abhinandanika magazine since 1922. In addition to batch, Shyam Prakash also loves to collect foreign currency and notes. He has also collected more than 10,000 news clips from newspapers published in his name. His interest in collecting grew after being inspired by his father’s collecting addiction since childhood. So he wants to organize an exhibition of his entire collection.

In the future, Shyam Prakash is preparing to record all the other collections. He thanked Pawan Solanki, editor-in-chief of the World Records India, for making his unique collection a world record for addiction.


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