Lone Voter Casts Vote In Remote Gujarat Forest, Ensuring 100% Turnout

Banej (Gujarat): In the heart of a protected Indian forest, Mahant Haridas Udaseen, a lone resident and priest, made his mark in the democratic process by casting his vote, ensuring a 100 percent turnout at the polling station.

This extraordinary effort highlights India’s commitment to inclusivity, with officials traversing the challenging terrain of Gir forest to set up a booth solely for Udaseen. Despite being the only voter, electoral laws mandate accessibility within two kilometres, prompting a team of 10 to undertake a two-day journey, including a bumpy bus ride through unpaved forest roads.

Clad in saffron robes, Udaseen arrived at the booth, symbolising the significance of each vote. Despite the remoteness, the booth operated all day, manned by six polling staff and two police officers.

Padhiyar Sursinh, the presiding officer, highlighted the importance of ensuring every citizen’s right to vote, even amidst arduous journeys.

The dedication of electoral officials extends beyond Gir forest, with teams braving extreme conditions to set up polling stations, including the world’s highest in Tashigang, Himachal Pradesh.

Udaseen, custodian of a temple in the Gir forest, expressed gratitude for the attention his solitary vote garnered, signifying the power of democracy and individual participation.

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