Gaganyaan: Crew Module Test Rocket to Lift Off on Saturday

Bengaluru: ISRO is set to take a significant step towards its Gaganyaan human space flight program with the launch of a single-stage liquid rocket on October 21. The mission involves a Crew Module test to ensure astronaut safety.

The Crew Module is a crucial component, providing a habitable space for astronauts. It features a double-walled construction, comprising a pressurized inner structure and an unpressurized external structure with thermal protection systems. This module houses critical systems like crew interfaces, life support, avionics, and deceleration systems for safe re-entry.

The TV-D1 vehicle features a modified VIKAS engine and is 34.9 meters tall with a lift-off weight of 44 tonnes. It sports a single-walled unpressurized aluminum structure with a simulated thermal protection system.

The mission’s objectives include demonstrating and evaluating various systems, such as crew escape systems, Crew Module characteristics, and deceleration systems at higher altitudes, ensuring their safe recovery. These tests are vital to ensure astronaut safety for the upcoming Gaganyaan mission.

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