Now apart from the earth, humans will also reside on this planet! Scientists reveals a big thing

We all know that human civilization first chose those places where there was a good source of water for its settlement. It is difficult to even imagine life without water. In such a situation, the research of scientists moved forward in a new direction and they started looking for water on other planets except Earth. Scientists achieved great success when they found evidence of the presence of water on Mars. After more than a decade of research, the European Space Agency has released a map of Mars, which shows the status of water on Mars.

Scientists around the world are constantly doing research to find the possibility of life. In such a situation, if they see the possibility of life on any planet, then it is the red planet i.e. Mars. It is believed that in future human settlements can be seen on Mars. Scientists believe that there were once flowing rivers and lakes on Mars. In this sequence, the European Space Agency (ESA) has shown the first water map of Mars, taking it a step further. Possible places on the map are shown where humans can land.

This map has been released in collaboration with Europe’s Mars Express Observatory and America’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. John Carter of the Institute d’ Astrophysics Spatial (IAS) said that what has come out in the research shows that the water on the Red Planet was spread not only in a limited part but over a large part of the planet. Geologists have used data from the Omega instrument on Mars Express and the Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer (CRISM) on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to survey the planet.

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