Ben Stokes Offers Apology as Report Uncovers Extensive Racism and Sexism

London: England captain Ben Stokes expressed his deep remorse upon learning about the extensive discrimination within cricket following the release of a significant report. The Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC), established by the England and Wales Cricket Board, unveiled a damning report titled “Holding Up a Mirror to Cricket.” The report exposes prevalent racism, sexism, and classism in the sport.

The report, based on interviews with over 4,000 individuals, found that 50% had experienced discrimination, particularly among ethnically diverse communities. It also exposed the subordination of women in cricket and the pay disparity compared to male players.

The report recommends equalizing match fees for men’s and women’s teams and addressing class barriers. Stokes expressed his remorse and emphasized the importance of diversity in the sport. The report commended the England and Wales Cricket Board for its openness to scrutiny and called for a reset in cricket.

The ECB chairman offered an apology, acknowledging past neglect of women and black people in the game.

Azeem Rafiq, a racism whistleblower, welcomed the report and called for reflection and progress.

The Prime Minister’s spokesperson highlighted the need for an inclusive and discrimination-free environment in sports and society.

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