“MS Dhoni Refused Crores Of Rupees”: Bat Manufacturer on 2019 WC Sticker

Former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni has once again made headlines for his exemplary gesture, this time with his choice of bat sticker ahead of the upcoming IPL 2024 season. Dhoni’s decision to adorn his bat with the name of a friend’s shop has garnered praise from fans and experts alike, showcasing not only his prowess on the field but also his humility off it.

This isn’t the first instance of Dhoni extending a helping hand through his cricketing gear. In a recent social media video, Somi Kohli, owner of the bat manufacturer BAS, recounted how Dhoni had foregone a lucrative contract to use BAS stickers on his bat during the early stages of his career. Despite the potential financial gains, Dhoni insisted on supporting BAS as a token of gratitude for their support during his formative years in cricket.

Moreover, a recent social media picture captured Dhoni practicing with a bat bearing the name ‘Prime Sports’, a local sports shop owned by a friend. This act of loyalty and friendship demonstrates Dhoni’s character beyond the boundaries of the cricket field.

Even cricketing great Adam Gilchrist praised Dhoni’s gesture during a commentary stint, highlighting the significance of his actions beyond just the sport itself.

Dhoni’s commitment to supporting those who aided him along his journey exemplifies his integrity and loyalty, setting a remarkable example for both current and aspiring cricketers.

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