Spanish Artist Set To Become First Woman To Marry AI-Generated Hologram

Alicia Framis, a renowned performing artist from Spain, is making headlines with her unconventional approach to matrimony. She is set to tie the knot with a holographic AI creation named AILex, whom she has meticulously designed to fulfill her emotional needs. The unique ceremony is scheduled to take place this year at a museum in Rotterdam, as reported by Euronews.

Framis’s project, named ‘Hybrid Couple,’ aims to explore the intersections of love, intimacy, and identity in the era of AI. Describing her virtual partner as a “middle-aged male hologram with slightly complex logistics,” she emphasizes that this union is not driven by romantic sentiments but rather a quest for artistic experimentation.

In a statement on her website, Framis expressed her belief that while AI is often associated with science, it lacks the poetic and warm qualities found in human relationships. Through her project, she seeks to challenge these notions and expand the definition of companionship in contemporary society.

Taking to social media platforms like Instagram, Framis has shared glimpses of her life with AILex, emphasizing the potential of AI companionship in addressing loneliness and providing emotional support. She believes that in an evolving landscape where humans engage with technology in various facets of life, relationships with holograms, avatars, and robots will become increasingly common.

Framis also highlights the practical benefits of such relationships, citing the example of a widow friend who finds solace in the companionship provided by AI. She predicts a new era where humans will interact with these entities in ways akin to learning new languages or cultivating relationships, shaping a novel form of companionship for the future.

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