Ravi Shastri Backs India as Overwhelming Favourites in World Cup Final

Ahmedabad: Ahead of the highly anticipated World Cup final against Australia, former Indian cricket team head coach Ravi Shastri has expressed unwavering confidence in India’s ability to lift the coveted trophy, declaring them as overwhelming favourites for the title.

During an event in Ahmedabad, Shastri urged the hosts to remain steadfast in their game plans, emphasizing the team’s vast experience and the undeniable advantage of playing on home turf. He highlighted the team’s relaxed and composed demeanour, advising them to maintain their successful approach without succumbing to external pressures.

Despite Australia’s intimidating record in the ICC finals, Shastri expressed unwavering belief in India’s potential to triumph if they maintain their composure under pressure. He applauded the team’s collective strength, emphasizing that India’s success hinges on the consistent contributions of multiple players rather than relying on a select few.

Shastri singled out in-form seamer Mohammed Shami for his exceptional performance throughout the tournament, currently leading the bowling charts with an impressive tally of 23 wickets. Shami’s ability to consistently deliver accurate deliveries has earned him Shastri’s unwavering confidence, predicting that he will play a pivotal role in securing India’s victory.

Shastri lauded the Indian bowling attack as the best in the world, praising its versatility and remarkable skill set. He expressed immense anticipation for the upcoming World Cup final, scheduled to take place in Ahmedabad on Sunday, where he envisions India reclaiming the coveted cup.

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