British Crocodile Expert Raped & Killed 40 Dogs, Filmed His Act  

A British crocodile expert Adam Britton has confessed to raping and killing dogs, as well as filming his acts of bestiality to post them online, reported BBC.

Britton, a leading zoologist and crocodile expert has worked with BBC and National Geographic.

Britton admitted before an Australian court that he tortured dozens of dogs until they died. He has been involved in “sadistic sexual interest” in animals since 2014. He exploited his own pets as well as dogs given up by other owners.

He abused the animals in a container that he referred to as the “torture room”.

Britton, who holds an academic position at Charles Darwin University, was arrested in 2022 when police came across a video of his bestial act.

As per reports, he abused 42 dogs in 18 months before his arrest. Out of them, 39 had died.


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