ChatGPT Error-Prone, Cannot Replace Human Intelligence: Delhi High Court

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court said AI tools like ChatGPT cannot substitute human intelligence and rejected relying on ChatGPT-filed responses.

ChatGPT is a chatbot used for generating text responses based on prompts, context and past observations.

The Delhi High Court said, “ChatGPT cannot be the basis of adjudication of legal or factual issues in a court of law.”

A bench of Justice Pratibha Singh pointed out that there are possibilities of incorrect responses, fictional case laws, imaginative data etc. generated by AI chatbots.

The Delhi High Court made this observation while hearing a case filed by a luxury fashion brand, Christian Louboutin, against a shoe manufacturer and seller for allegedly imitating its shoe designs.

It was argued before the court that the reputation that Christian Louboutin has garnered can also be evaluated by a chatGPT query.

The questions asked were with regard to brands which are known for manufacturing and selling shoes with spikes and studs on the outer body. However, the names of brands were different in both answers. While one answer named three brands, the other answer named 10.

The court then referred to the different responses from ChatGPT which were being relied upon by Christian Louboutin and said that it showed that the said tool cannot be the basis of adjudication of legal or factual issues in a court of law.

During the hearing, the bench also said that AI tools could not substitute human intelligence.

The court added that the AI tool could be utilised for a preliminary understanding or for preliminary research and “nothing more”.

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