Delhi Government Reimposes Ban on Firecrackers to Tackle Pollution in Winter

New Delhi: The Delhi government has banned the manufacturing, sale, storage, and use of all types of firecrackers in the capital to combat pollution during the winter season.

Environment Minister Gopal Rai announced the ban during a press conference, saying that the Delhi Police would be given strict directives to enforce it.

The ban is in line with the government’s practice of prohibiting firecrackers over the past three years. Rai said that while there has been some improvement in Delhi’s air quality over the last five to six years, further enhancements are essential, making the ban on firecrackers a necessary step this year as well.

The government has warned that bursting firecrackers during Diwali could result in a jail term of up to six months and a fine of Rs 200. They have also outlined penalties for the production, storage, and sale of firecrackers in Delhi, punishable by fines of up to Rs 5,000 and imprisonment for three years under Section 9B of the Explosives Act.

The ban on firecrackers is a proactive step towards ensuring cleaner air quality during the winter season. It is also a sign of the government’s commitment to addressing the pressing issue of pollution in Delhi and safeguarding the well-being of its residents.

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