Air India Fined ₹30 Lakh by DGCA for Negligence Leading to Passenger’s Death

New Delhi: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has fined Air India Rs 30 lakh for its failure to provide a wheelchair to an 80-year-old passenger who collapsed and died at Mumbai airport.

The incident occurred on February 12 when the passenger requested a wheelchair upon arrival. Despite his need and his wife’s existing use of one, Air India allegedly asked him to wait due to high demand. Opting to walk instead, the passenger collapsed during immigration.

Following an investigation, DGCA found Air India in violation of regulations mandating wheelchair assistance for those in need. Despite Air India’s claim that the passenger chose to walk, DGCA emphasized the airline’s obligation to provide assistance regardless.

Additionally, Air India failed to report any action taken against responsible employees or submit corrective measures to prevent such incidents.

In response, DGCA imposed the fine and issued an advisory to all airlines, stressing the importance of maintaining adequate wheelchair availability for passengers requiring assistance during travel.

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