England’s Heaviest Man Weighing 317Kg Dies of Organ Failure at 33

Jason Holton weighing 317 Kg, who was one the heaviest persons in the UK died from organ failure at the age of 33 years.

This man from Surrey died despite medical intervention for organ failure, the Independent reported. H

Firefighters assisted his transport to Royal Surrey County Hospital. His mother, Leisa told the local media Holton’s kidney was the first organ to stop working.

Reports stated that Holton died from organ failure and obesity.

During his last years, Holton was bedridden and suffered breathing difficulties.

Holton’s overeating habits began in his teenage years after his father’s death. His daily calorie intake was 10,000.

In 2020, he suffered a collapse in his third-floor flat. Thirty firefighters and crane were used to rescue him. In 2022, he suffered a series of mini-strokes and a blood clot.

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